Charm Squares

Why Charm Squares?

Charm Squares
Lisa and charm squares

340 colors, that’s why! The picture shows me holding four bundles of 85 charms that are all different! I’m developing a color class for quilters (no dyeing involved) and this is the absolute best way to affordably get a wide range of colors of varying hues, values, and intensities (chromas)! And yes, those color terms still make my head spin. I guess that’s because I felt confident enough to match up colors without feeling the need to know the terms.

Actually, I wondered if using Kona would be ‘diluting my brand’ and I decided that even if did, it was still the most cost-effective way for students to have a lot of colors to try! This class will be all about seeing color a bit better and trying out new combinations. We’ll also be test-driving different patterns and comparing the designer’s color choices with our own selections.

I have submitted the class to the Modern Quilt Guild for consideration for the 2022 QuiltCon. Locally, I plan to offer it as a trial so I can work out the bugs, then add it to my class offerings for guilds. Once I hear back from QuiltCon I will get a date and location set up.

2 thoughts on “Why Charm Squares?”

    1. Thanks for writing – feedback is lovely!
      At some point, I will consider Zoom. I think I have to get a feel for it live first.
      The local live version will either be in my yard, or the park behind my house, or maybe at a LQS – that I haven’t contacted yet!
      Where are you located?

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