Vat results

Well, I have gotten some work done with vat dyes since I got back from class. Here are pictures of the results, from worst to best. A couple were started in class and at the least were soaped out here at home.

First attempt to improve a yard

This fabric was pretty poor to begin with. It needs more work. In person it’s very bright and cheerful.

Interesting half yard improved by vat

This was a reject from Barbara of MXDyers. I like it better, except the right end. A class experiment.

A charcoal square with vat dye

A 42 x 45 square of broadcloth dyed charcoal (my own recipe.) Not the results I had hoped for, but a nice piece as it is.

A shibori fat quarter

A boring, solid green fat quarter improved by hand stitching and a medium blue vat dye.

Voile with vat dyesCotton-silk voile – you can see through it to an 8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper in the upper left corner.

Radiance, pleated and vat dyed
A yard of black Radiance, run through a smocking pleater and discharged and dyed in multiple vats.

Four broadcloth squares folded and dyedFour 21” squares of broadcloth. Each was folded the same way and dyed in several vats in the same sequence. Each one is different, and I’m quite pleased with them! The set is for sale here.
Thanks Elin!

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  1. Thands Lisa for sharing your experiences with vat dyeing. I signed up for Elin's class in Coupeville in July after seeing your work.
    Thanks again, June

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