True Confessions

Yesterday I woke up with an insight. Now, this might not be a big deal for you, but I don’t DO insight. 🙂 So here goes:
My livelihood depends upon friends giving me money. They’re not giving it up for nothing, but it feels that way!
Talk about undervaluing what you do! It’s probably some degree of guilt – as in “Not only do I get to do what I really, truly love, which is dyeing anything that can’t crawl away, but people want to pay me for it?” And  it’s really not an original thought, because I hear my business coach’s voice in the back of my head asking ‘isn’t your time worth more than that?’ But it finally got processed and came back out in my own words.*
Now on another note, here’s a picture of Karen Eckmeier of The Quilted Lizard Fiber Art Studio and me. She and I met over the weekend at the Creative Arts Business Summit. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, it turns out we spent all four years at the same small college together, including art classes. (What – you don’t get Hues and News? Don’t miss out – click on the link at the above right, or here.) Still haven’t found the yearbook, but when I do, there will be embarrassing (for me at least) pictures to post.

*And in case you’re worried, valuing what I do doesn’t mean my prices are going up!
Thanks for reading! – Lisa

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