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Yikes! the long-awaited day is here. The video ad on-line at qnntv.com for DippyDyes is up and running. Bless them, they found it interesting and educational enough that they even super-sized it! It was loads of fun to make, plus you get to see the quilt I finished earlier this year. (OK, the binding is still only basted.) Make sure you click on the little 4-way arrow button next to the slider to make the picture full-screen. Woo-hoo!

More credit where credit is due: the quilt blocks are designed by Jane Townswick, and will be included in her upcoming book ‘Artful Applique II’ due out in the fall. The quilt was quilted by Barb Persing, and the setting was found in the book ‘Setting Solutions’ by Sharyn Craig.

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  1. Wow, love your fabrics and your demonstration of safety is perfect! I would imagine if most of us looked at the cleaning solutions we use we'd be dressed this way when cleaning.
    The quilt is beautiful. It's obvious you love what you do! Thank you!

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