Thanks again to Karen

I have posted a PDF of my snow dyeing article that was inspired by Karen at Bunk’s Blog. Thank you for sharing this cool technique, Karen – my customers and friends (and I) enjoy the results very much. Here’s a link to her post which got a lot of us started: http://bunks.wordpress.com/2009/01/14/snow-dyeing-and-grannyland/. Now, when I make more fabric this way, I will post more photos.
Here’s a link to my article, and it’s also found at right, in the links section: https://www.dippydyes.com/SnowDyeArticle.pdf

2 thoughts on “Thanks again to Karen”

  1. Thanks Lisa for the shout-out. I'm so glad that you're doing well and that my method works for you as well. I follow your links from the dyer's list and I think it's fabulous that you're using your knowledge and actually selling your fabric.

    I also appreciate your willingness to share all your techniques you've discovered and all your results from the various fabrics you've tested. Living in Canada and high shipping costs prevents me from playing around with fabric as much as I'd like too. So it's nice to go to someone's blog like yours and see it all laid out.


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