Testing Radiance and Muslin

Must be brief; here are samples of the fabric I dyed for the quilt below. Each row has the cotton side above the silk side. The four samples on the left of each row are mixed colors, the rest of the row are pure colors with Pro-Chem’s names above.

Also received the sueded muslin. Did a quick water-drop test; it seems very like the ‘Nature’s Way’ muslin I have gotten from Roc-Lon/Rockland Industries.

Unscoured muslin from Quiltworks

Scoured (by me) muslin from Rockland

TestFabrics mercerized broadcloth. This really shows the difference with PFD fabric.
I will be doing a test run with a piece of Nature’s Way, scoured, and two pieces of the Quiltworks muslin, one scoured, one not. All three go into the same dyebath. Will post photos when they are washed out. Should do the broadcloth as well.
For your dyers out there, I have the Quiltworks muslin and the Radiance fabric for sale on my website, in quarter-yard increments. There’s a link at right, or click on DippyDyes. Thanks!

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