Test samples of wide backing fabrics and PImatex

Testing 116″ Wide Sateen

It’s always a good idea to test fabric before buying and dyeing it. I was thrilled to find a 116″ wide sateen in white at Backside Fabrics, and they kindly sent me a good-sized single swatch.

You can see the results above, from left:

  • Pimatex PFD
  • Prewashed wide sateen
  • Unwashed wide sateen

I did a quick bit of stitching and drawing up to create the circles on the sateen. That is my goal for this fabric – to make a large stitched Shibori whole-cloth quilt top!

Geeky stuff:

  • The fabric weight is 1.9 oz per square yard, which is comparable to a lawn.
  • The  Pimatex weight is 3.7 oz per square yard, while a canvas might weigh 7 oz.
  • The color difference is not as great under normal lighting as it appears under the photographic lights.
  • The unwashed is just a hair darker than the prewashed, which is great!
  • It needles very nicely, and the shiny side has stayed that way.

Once I get it on order, I will be adding it to the bolts section of the website. We’re adding a bunch of fabrics from Robert Kaufman there, too.

If you’d like a whole bolt, drop me a line at Lisa at DippyDyes .com.

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