Taking the time to continue discharge studies

Well, one hope I had for Carol’s class is that it would help serve as a means to get me re-motivated, energised, etc. It has succeeded in doing that! Yesterday I fired up the hot plate and Thiox and Clorox solutions (outside) and tested a rainbow assortment of fabrics I dyed the day before, plus a commercial batik that had produced good results in class. (That’s on the left in the picture.) We tested pure MX dyes in class, so now I’m starting to build a reference of discharged simple mixes. Someday with my free time (!) I’ll get through the simple mixes and mess about with three primaries.

Looking at the amount of time involved in one simple page of swatches has made me decide to sign up for Color Mixing for Dyers. There are some spots left in the fall, and I’m calling dibs on one of them! That and a check in the mail might get me somewhere. Now I just need the cost/benefit analysis to persuade DH.

One thing I learned this week is that a warm solution of new chlorine bleach is far, far superior to the old, cold mix I made up. Got around it, but add that to the long, long “learn by doing wrong” list.

Well, it’s 11:30 and time to quit for tonight. One more week of the under-paying, gas-drinking job and I’ll be focusing on dyeing and quilting! If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.

6 thoughts on “Taking the time to continue discharge studies”

  1. So. So. Jealous. Two friends and I were in Carol’s Personal Palette class which was held at the Barn the week before your class. Three of our classmates stayed for the Discharge class. I’m so glad I stumbled onto your blog to get a glimpse of what I missed. Thanks for Blogging.
    Dianne V.

  2. Lisa,
    I ventured over from your link on Dyers List. I was so inspired by your discharged tshirt, I went to work on my own. Please visit my blog and check it out!
    I am also inspired by your narrative of your class with Carol Soderlund. I am hosting “Color Mixing for Dyers I” in Montana in September. There’s still a few spaces. Come on out to the Big Sky and dye with us!

  3. Hello Lisa,

    I’ve taken all of Carol’s week long classes, Color Mixing I & II, True Color (the week before your class) and Dyeing to Discharge last year there at the Barn. Loved to see all your pictures and write up! If you don’t mind emailing me privately I’d love to ask you some questions that may not be suitable for blogdom. Thanks! Debby harwell at roadrunner dot com

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