Color Choices Dec 2021

Solids for Nancy Crow classes

Color Choices Dec 2021

Finally, I have called it quits to making more samples, even though it’s something I enjoy! So, voila, the final cut of 49 colors of solid hand-dyed fabrics that I’d take with me if I were heading off to Nancy’s Improvisational Exercises. I’ve tried to include some screaming brights, not too many mediums, flat colors (there are never enough), and a good range of values, including off-whites.

There are always differences between fabrics and pixels and eyes and monitors, and there are a couple of colors there that will be dyed at a slightly different value so they are in line with the Kona exemplars across the top. But this gives a good idea of the range of colors and values.

If you want to add some or all of these to your stash, let me know or click on the picture to order. If you haven’t ordered from me before, do email me with your questions! And since I’ve got three whole weeks in which to accomplish this, don’t delay! (There’s an echo in my head of ‘Go. There. Now!’ – sorry that I sound like that, but, well, procrastination). Now I have a deadline!

If you want to join the ‘I need solids’ mailing list, you can sign up here. Thanks for looking and I hope these colors can help you out! – Lisa

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