Hi All! I wrote this article (unbelievably) more than ten years ago!  And before I forget – I first learned about this on Bunk’s Blog.
I’ve learned some things since then:

  • The chips I used to get for free from the ice plant are no longer available – they modernized! Another place sells the chips in bags.
  • In addition to scrumpling the fabric, you can fold and pleat in many ways. You can also do some binding, but mostly I fold the damp fabric and let it relax as it likes.
  • Because I dye on screens, the fabric isn’t sitting ‘in the muck’ as the tie-dye people call it. So I now put more fabric under the screen to absorb the runoff dye. I get more large white areas this way, but they can be snow-dyed again!
  • Next time I’m going to try mixing my dye concentrates a little stronger; maybe as much as 10% strength. (25 grams per cup/250 ml of water.) I will have to see if I see lots of speckling at that strength.
  • I’ve been told you can snow-dye with turquoise if you steam or microwave before rinsing out. I haven’t tried that yet, however.

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