Solids Stash Builder Fabric of the Month

The DippyDyes fabric subscription program continues! Receive one color in five luscious values every month, and choose between 1- or 3-yard cuts. If you want 2-yard cuts, order a quantity of two of the 1-yard choice. You can order more than 3 yards by combining quantities, but the largest cut is three yards. This will be an ongoing subscription until we’re forced to raise our prices. December is excluded! And in 2023, May is also excluded – Lisa is off to the Barn for two weeks of dye classes!!

Your credit card will be charged at approximately 3 AM Eastern Time on the fifth day of the month. Shipments will be made on approximately the 20th of the month via USPS. You can cancel at any time, but we do not accept returns. You are also able to skip a month by editing your order – just be sure it’s before the fifth, and do let us know at subscriptions@dippydyes.com.

We ship via USPS primarily because it is within walking distance. UPS is also available.

The fabric we use is a substitute for Pimatex. Lisa has tested the new version and it is not the same quality as it was in 2021. Our current schedule is to send flat, or shaded, versions of the colors sent in the first three months, which you see in the illustration. After that, we will make a glowing, or high-chroma, color one month and the flat version the next. “What colors,” you ask? It will be a surprise! And there will be neutrals, like greys and browns, added for variety too!

New this time around – in order to keep the price down with higher quality fabric, we are encouraging unironed fabric. We line-dry it, which keeps costs down and uses less energy, The result is flatter than using the dryer, plus once it gets folded, boxed, and shipped —  well, it needs to be ironed again!

Finally, you will need to set up an account on DippyDyes.com so the automatic renewals can be processed – computers are so narrow-minded.

I think that covers it – reach out to subscriptions@dippydyes.com if you have questions. Thanks!!


From: $97.00 / month

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