Patina PFD – 15 yard bolt

A bolt of Kaufman’s Patina PFD fabric. 44″ wide, 3.04 oz per sq yard. The price per 15-yard bolt is $110.25 or $7.35 per yard. This is the base fabric that is used for the Artisan Batiks created by Debra Lunn and Michael Mrowka, and it’s luscious!

About shipping:

  • The fabric will be shipped by FedEx directly from Los Angeles to your address; shipments take about 1 week to be processed. That’s why it shows as back-ordered on this screen.
  • When you check out, be sure to specify the shipping method “Robert Kaufman bolts via FedEx” or the shipping price will be wrong.
  • If shipping charges differ by more than $2, you will receive a credit, or I will ask you nicely to send the difference. Thanks for understanding!

Availability: Available on backorder


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