Outback Canvas, 7.25 oz – 10 yard bolt

Outback Canvas is 100% cotton, 57” wide, and 7.25 oz per square yard. I don’t have any on hand as I write this, but I have dyed it, and it was fairly drapey, and a little heavier than denim. The price per 10-yard bolt is $108.50, or $10.85 per yard. Bolts are drop-shipped directly to you from Robert Kaufman in California – that’s why it shows as back-ordered on this screen, once you pick a color. Select your color from the list below; if you want a bolt of more than one color, select and add them one at a time to your cart. 01/17/2024 – Navy is not available.

Shipping note: The human side of this screen cannot make the idiot computer understand drop-shipping via FedEx, so the shipping charges always come out high. I promise that I will issue credit for any charge difference over $1.00. And if the computer calculates the rate too low, I will ask you nicely to send the difference if it’s more than $1.00. Thanks for understanding!


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