Custom solids dyed for you

Solid hand-dyed cotton in a range of colors conforming to Nancy Crow’s class supply list for her January 2023 classes at Tanque Verde. The image shows various random solid colors, mostly muted but not necessarily “flat” according to Nancy. I will be dyeing brights (like acid yellow and green, and hot pink) and as many flats as possible for a total of 45 recipes (or parent colors) x 5 values (or children) totaling 225 colors! Fabric is priced at $20 per yard and is unironed. (After it’s folded and shipped, it needs to be ironed again anyhow!)


Number of recipes (parents) Number of values (children) Total yards/colors Total $ before shipping Deposit amount
45 5 225 $4500 $900
45 3 135 $2700 $540
45 1 all the dark values 45 $900 $180
45 1 all the light values 45 $900 $180
9 5 45 $900 $180


  • I have a few requests, but in the end, the final colors will be a surprise.
  • Each option is priced at 20% of the total due based on one-yard pieces. If you want longer pieces change the quantity. The largest pieces I dye are three yards.
  • Option 5 will give you all five values of just 9 recipes: 3 each of brights, flats, and neutrals.
  • The fabric I will be dyeing is close to the old Pimatex (Testfabrics 419.)
  • If you want a lighter-weight fabric that is friendlier for hand stitching, that’s available too (Testfabrics 400.)

A payment plan is available through Square: 20% of the total will be charged when you place your order. The same amount will be charged again on November 14, 28, and December 14. The final amount will be charged once shipping fees are finalized. Please place your order by October 31, 2022.

Shipping is planned for the last week in December, but there are holidays (and the Phillies in the World Series!!!) between now and then. But I know you’ll need it by January 9 in Arizona.



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