Carolina Gingham Yarn-dyed check – 15 yard bolt

A bolt of Kaufman’s Carolina Gingham, which is yarn-dyed, not a print, in your choice of colors. 44″ wide, up to 5.11 oz per sq yard. The price per 15-yard bolt is $103.95 or $6.93 per yard. Specify color number and name, for example, P-5689-1 ROYAL. Color choices are found here. That link opens in a new tab – there are a lot of choices! If you know the name of the color, you can enter it in the search box on that screen.

The prefix shows the size of the check and are as follows:

  • P5689 = 1/8″ check
  • P16368 = 1/4″ check (as of May 1, 2024, the black is on backorder until June 15, 2024)
  • P9811 = 1″ check
  • P16725 = 2″ check

When you check out, be sure to specify the shipping method “Robert Kaufman bolts via FedEx” or the shipping price will be wrong. The fabric will be shipped by FedEx directly from Los Angeles to your address; shipments take about 1 week to be processed. That’s why it shows as back-ordered on this screen.

Shipping note: If shipping charges differ by more than $2, you will receive a credit or I will ask you nicely to send the difference. Thanks for understanding!

Availability: Available on backorder

Please include both the color name and code. It lets me double-check that you get the right product!


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