Post 3 – missed these yesterday

Since I had thickened black and navy MX dye, here’s some more of what I did:Monoprinted circles

Black circles monoprint, lower right, and a ghost print from the same surface on the left.Test of guar gum as a resist

Since I mixed up guar gum for use in the devoré paste, I took a little and squished it on fabric. It was very thick; not too different an end result than I’d expect from using print paste as a resist.Experiment with plumber's putty, a corn sack and thickened MX

Three elements in this photo: in the upper left is plumber’s putty, or the poor dyer’s gel plate.Yes, it’s oily, but I haven’t noticed any staining on cotton. The yellow at the bottom is a big veggie sack – I pressed that into the putty with a roller (pipe.) The resulting fabric is in the upper right – a piece of pink snow-dye with spots of thickened navy dye.  The dye was not as thick as it might have been, so I saw it beading up on the surface of the putty. Definitely doing more with the putty.

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  1. For the less adept and less experienced amongst us: I really like the last one. You pressed the sack into the putty, the spread the die onto the putty? Or through the sack? I'm thinking onto the putty but not using the sack, just using the texture it left behind, right? Really like this piece!

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