Polyester – not an original thinker!

Hi all – just to give credit where it is due, Lisa Grey very kindly spent time with me on the phone and by email to answer some total newbie questions. We even had scheduled a class for at least two students at her studio, when I had to back out because of the wedding of a dear friend. Still need to reschedule the class at her convenience. It was she who mentioned that the dyes could be directly applied to fabric, then heat set. It makes sense, I think anyway (remember, newbie here) if the paper controls the dye sublimation, the teflon sheets on each side of the fabric would do the same. So here’s a link to her site – her work is awe-inspiring! Lisa Grey. Plus click on her class schedule links – Mendocino, CA in July.

3 thoughts on “Polyester – not an original thinker!”

  1. So you're just mixing up the disperse dyes and painting them on and heat setting? You're using high heat, from a press? I have some of the dyes but I couldn't get them to work. It might have been the paper or fabric I used. Or not high enough heat. This looks more interesting though.

    Thanks for the link…I'm off to check it out.

  2. Yep, 385 degrees F for 45 seconds in the heat press. I started at 400 degrees, but saw some puckering, so I backed off. I'm going to get in touch with Lisa G again to make sure I didn't misunderstand what she said, too. Thanks for looking, and commenting. – Lisa

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