Plan for Snowzilla +1 day

In no particular order:

  • Turn up the water heater to 140 for the final washout of yesterday’s snow-dyes and the upcoming ones.
  • First cool washes of snow dyes – yesterday was about 60 yards
  • Squeegee the floor of water & dye runoff
  • Bring in more snow to dye the next 40 yards
  • rinse yesterday’s dye off screens
  • dig my way to the basement door again so I can bring snow inside (see picture below)
  • soda-soak more fabric to dye tomorrow

Take a breath

  • Get to the detached garage, ideally without leaving any footprints in the snow
  • Fire up the snowblower
  • Get enough of the paved surfaces cleaned off to function fairly normally
  • sweep off the front porch
  • sweep off the second-floor porch, or else expect drips in the temporary (i.e. white trash) kitchen on the first floor porch
  • teach hubby how the broiler works because he’s cooking dinner!

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