Pipe Wrapping

Lots of recent discussion about pole wrapping, including on the DyersList and on Kay Sorensen’s blog, http://quiltspluscolor.blogspot.com/
Here’s a picture of my 9” long, 10” diameter polypropylene pipe, wrapped with 3 1/4 yards of silk broadcloth that was previously snow-dyed. It was folded lengthwise into 6ths – about 7 1/2” wide sections, and staggered so they aren’t all directly on top of each other. Then it was wrapped around the pole and string-wrapped. I was surprised that I could get the whole length onto the pole. Next step is discharge and/or vat dye and/or overdyeing with MX – pictures to follow. Oh, the black bands at top and bottom are lengths of rubber inner tube that act like giant rubber bands to keep the fabric and strings from sliding off one end as you push from the other.
OK, after getting Vicki’s comment, I realized I missed a shameless commerce moment. I have the pipe for sale on my website, https://www.dippydyes.com/index.php/products/10-inch-polypropylene-pipe-for-high-temp-shibori, where it is priced by the inch. It’s just plain expensive, but you should never need a new one, either. Right now there’s about 60 inches remaining. Thanks.

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