New SnowDyed fabrics

The recent talk on MXDyers made me pull out the screens again. Not everything is washed yet, and some of these fabrics were dyed in July and never photographed.  We had great weather for it on Friday – the highs barely reached 60, so the ice didn’t melt as fast as it did in July. Anyhow, time for pictures! You should be able to click any of these to see larger images. Thanks for looking!

A square section of a longer piece of yardage.
The rest of these were dyed as square pieces, with fan-folds, 6- and 8-pointed folds, a couple spirals for fun, plus a square fold that I learned from Elin Noble.


There are some dark lines in the lower left corner of this piece. They are the result of letting the fabric dry with out washing it out. The blue dye, being the slowest to strike, wicked up to the top of the folds and bonded there. Not snow-dyeing in its purest form, but it adds to the fabric surface.


Above is the square fold. As you see, it was folded in half to start, so the left side is much lighter than the right. Not super-successful, but could be very interesting cut and pieced.
I was really thrilled when I unfolded this. I was afraid there was too much white in it, but it looks like a whole-cloth quilt to me.

6 thoughts on “New SnowDyed fabrics”

  1. Really nice Lisa. I think I like the second one the best but they are all nice. The third piece the blue/green also calls to me.

    I did a shirt once that I spiral folded and then dyed. I put it in a pail of soda ash water as an experiment to see if the dyes would creep along the folds like when you do LWI. It's actually my favorite shirt.

    Snow-dyeing with the folds reminds me a bit of my shirt except there is less definition because of course by the time the dye hits the fabric it's spread out more.

    Just a thought.

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