More on the booth; life moves along

Life continue to move on, as life is wont to do. I’ve sent off my article on snow-dyeing to American Quilter magazine, and they asked that I take down the parts of my blog that overlap the article. So I’ve done that; but I’ve saved them locally, so they’ll be back next year. I’m just about to ship a big box of samples to them – the Editor, Chris, is going to select from them and they’ll take professional photographs of the fabrics. It’s all very exciting.

Today I also went to a temp agency to try to line up some work between now and the fall shows. Hope something comes of that – it will mean less time, but a little more money in the bank. And I’m still adding items to the website, and there’s a lot to add!P6260035

Two weeks ago we set up at the York PA Guild show, and I tried out the new garment racks. It made the fabrics a lot more accessible; here’s a picture:

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