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A fabric I thought was amazing, and so did someone in New Jersey!

Well, I’ve been thinking about the business of DippyDyes a lot recently. That’s because of the coaching, and a side trip learning about ‘My Why’. There seems to me that there’s a lot of overlap between the why and a mission statement, so here’s what that looks like as of today (updated 10/30/14):

As DippyDyes, I promise to make amazing hand-dyed fabrics for you that I’d love to keep for myself. (Sometimes I wave goodbye to my fabrics when they find a new home.) I will make unique fabrics that will speak to you, that fulfill your wildest fabric dreams, that are colorfast and made of the highest quality greige goods available, and that you’ll be proud to incorporate in your own amazing work. I’m crazy nuts about dyeing and because I really enjoy all the steps in the processes I use, it makes me happy to make these creations for you.
Thanks very much for looking – it would be great to hear what you think! – Lisa

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