Lancaster show aftermath

Last weekend was my first big show as a vendor. I thought I’d post a picture of the booth taken before the show opened, and some pictures of discharged pieces that sold.

This is the booth, complete with the ‘Casbah’ look. The floor is actually the ballroom carpet, but it adds to the look, I think.
The remaining pictures are of fabrics that underwent various resists, then were discharged and overdyed. From top to bottom, they are Kaufman’s Radiance,
a Moda batik,
Kaufman’s Panda

and Sateen,
and a white broadcloth that was dyed several times before discharging the final dark purple.

The studio is at present a disaster; not wasting any pictures on that! And I have three weeks before the next show to restock. Gonna get DH to do some tyeing and ironing, I think. Thanks for visiting!

3 thoughts on “Lancaster show aftermath”

  1. Rita from Bookdyers

    Lisa, I am so happy to see you at the show. I love the piece of snow-dyed that I took home. Your booth was a fun stop. 🙂

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