Inspired by Daily Visuals

Took a look at Jane Dunnewold’s Daily Visuals blog again. There’s a picture of hostas on it that reminded me of a picture I took several years ago. Here’s the original picture, plus two cropped versions. The white bits are apple blossoms, mostly. What do you think? Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Inspired by Daily Visuals”

  1. hmmm third try's a charm? I loved your photo and love the idea that each of us could take a photo of the same image and it would be slightly different…sort of like thought processes. thanks for posting yours.
    Jane Dunnewold

  2. Thanks for looking, Jane. I agree, the third one is the best one, but it still doesn't have as great a value difference as your photo does. (I tend to call myself the value fascist at the quilt shop where I work.) So often it makes all the difference!

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