I may have gone overboard!

This is what 762+ color swatches look like.
This is what 762+ color swatches look like.

Why? You may ask, and the reason is that I dye fabrics for clients who work with solid colors. Some are improvisational quilters, some have studied with Nancy Crow, and some might call themselves Modern Quilters. I’d venture a guess that all of them have worked with the hundreds of colors of Kona® cotton and when they are ready for more and better colors, they choose DippyDyes!

swatches of selected solid fabrics with greyscale exemplars
Most of the 100 colors I will be dyeing in December 2021. The column on the left shows Kona greyscale samples.

The second picture shows the colors I’d bring if I were taking Nancy Crow’s Improvisational Exercises. I will probably add a few more and change the value on a couple. You get the idea! If you’d like to order, make sure you’re signed up for the custom solids special mailings here.

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