Hot hits of the aughts

I’ve started browsing over my old blog posts, which brings back a ton of random memories.

  • My first ever blog post was in November of 2005 and I actually made nine blog posts in November and December!
  • As of the 11th of that month, I had:
    • Filed for sales tax license online
    • Decided against fictitious name registration at that time because of the fees
    • Looked at tax implications of for-profit vs. hobby income
    • Printed up business cards
    • Set up a new e-mail account for DippyDye [How odd – when did I make it plural, or was it a typo?]
  • The studio space was under construction
  • I left the job at the museum and started looking for something new
  • My first wringer washer was powder-coated and started going back together
  • I got a wringer manual on eBay
  • The book OPULENCE: The Kimonos and Robes of Itchiku Kubota arrived, also a purchase on eBay.

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