Friday night on the road

Nothing all that exciting to post about, at least not without sounding really vain . . . . I’m in the lobby of the Lancaster Marriott listening to a jazz trio (?) – maybe more – catching up on my email and winding down for the day. They’re good, just too loud to get close to. I’ve met so many new friends and old email-only friends that now have faces. I have had a good run at the shows this spring, and have gotten wonderful reviews of my fabrics (that’s our booth above.) I’ve seen some growth in sales, which is a good thing, but have had less than I hoped here in Lancaster, so that will keep me focused and hopefully realistic. Off
soon to take a vat dye class in New England, then it will be time to get a temporary real job AND make lots more inventory. I am still planning to try to vend at Houston, just have to figure out how. Having a fair bit of fun with the 5th roommate – 10 month old Ashlyn. Pictures will follow. If you don’t have kids/grandkids, adopted grandnieces are just as good!

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  1. We met at Lancaster, and I hope the exposure to so many others, helps your business. You did encourage me to go home and dye, paint and print.
    I was the one who was thinking I needed fabric for a dress….and encouraged you to enter QSDS.


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