Have spent some time over the long weekend experimenting with disperse dyes on polyester (a post for another day) and flat dyeing, using a different set of primaries. Also trying to resurrect a barker, using the same primaries. And a new fabric that turned out pretty nice!

Here’s a picture of 11″ samples I did using the flat dyeing technique written about by Robin of QuiltAntics at http://quiltantics.blogspot.com/2008/04/flat-dyeing.html. Thanks, Robin. The primaries are Turquoise, Golden Yellow, and Boysenberry (Pro Chem names.) The pictures show the fabrics batching under plastic. I was going for a deep depth of shade, and started by measuring how much liquid the dry fabric could hold. Then I mixed my recipes and applied the colors – a total of about 15 ml of dye for each 11″ square. When they have had their final washout and ironing, I will post again. Did find a hole in the new vinyl that I used between the layers. I get about 10 yards at a time at JoAnn with the coupon.

Here’s a before and after in one shot photo of the reviving attempt:
The section on the left is fabric I flag-folded between wooden triangles, tied tightly and dyed with a mix that included the creepy turquoise. Not very nice, in my opinion (or fugly, if you’ll excuse the expression.) On the right is a half-yard section I tore off and did LWI in a mix of equal parts of the above primaries, aiming for 10 -12% DOS. I rather like the crystalline LWI markings with the bound shibori showing through. Again, it hasn’t had it’s final washout, but it’s good enough to test for discharge. If I decide I want to!
Finally, I have a picture of a 100% cotton Jacquard weave from Robert Kaufman that I dyed – same primaries, no surprise there, but just golden yellow with a hint of boysenberry. This was done full immersion. I think it’s a little warmer in person than in the photo, and the flash really highlighted the weave more than in person, too. But it’s lovely stuff. I will be adding it to the ‘PFD’ category at https://www.dippydyes.com/ – anything to make a buck to support this habit! It’s not technically a PFD, but I did nothing to it before dyeing – no scouring, prewash, whatever, and I think it came out fine. Haven’t done any LWI on it yet; I think the two kinds of patterning might fight each other. That is, the crystalline markings from dyeing and the woven pattern.

So, that’s it for tonight. Please post a comment if you have one! Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Experimenting”

  1. Hi Lisa, great job with the dyeing! Your squares are so tidy! I like how you figured out how much liquid each piece could hold. Keep it up and show us the washout!

  2. Beautiful commentary on processes. I love the rich depth of color on the squares. The overdyed shibori is even more lovely. My eyes feel drawn in to see the details.
    The jaquard is beautiful. So very many possibilities.
    Thank you for sharing your art!

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