Discharge on black Kona

Have gotten some more discharge done. Here are some pictures of some ho-hum items, compared with some of the others at least. Each of these were done on Robert Kaufman’s Kona cotton, purchased black. (Click on the link at right to shop DippyDyes.)

Follow-up: a couple people have had questions: these were all dyed in an immersion bath of Clorox diluted with an equal amount of water. The amount of clamping and the amount of fabric exposed to the bleach makes all the difference.

P5130055 P5130057 P5130066

2 thoughts on “Discharge on black Kona”

  1. Hi Lisa,I saw your post on the dyers list, love the discharge-clamping and spraying I would guess. Dipping the whole folded piece, takes out too much color- thanks for sharing.

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