Solid swatch samples

What to do in a pandemic?

Why, dye fabric, of course! Since early March I have embarked on the latest edition of dyeing solid fabrics in colors not offered by commercial

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A Vision Board

I’ve never made a vision board before. Finding pictures to show what I want and need to focus on, then cut and pasting them was

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Me and Kona

Looking ahead

Well, the truth is that I get focused on today, and don’t spend much time ‘thinking great thoughts’ like the scarecrow could after he got

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Tints, tones, and shades

Tints, tones, and shades are some of the basic terms used when talking about color. They can get confusing because sometimes other words are used

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Taking the plunge!

Well, I gave myself a deadline, and by jingo, I’m going to hit it. The new blog and website go live today, even if they

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Transparent fabric?

This quilt is a really neat example of transparency in quilts. Boy, I wish I could say it was my work! It’s by Modern Quilt

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2019 Schedule!

There are just 25 days left this year. Yikes!! Time to share the plans for the new year. Click on the links below to get

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