Day three – final project looms

11:15 PM Wednesday May 7
Will be very brief tonight! We did a display of all our discharged and overdyed fabrics this evening:
Our homework is to start thinking about a final project that will incorporate the various techniques we have learned over the past three days – dyeing, resists and discharge methods – into one piece of cloth or a series of pieces. We will also start building our sample pages with the untouched dye, bleached fabric and thioxed fabric. We touched on illumination – simultaneously discharging one color while applying another. Way cool!
I also got to use my first Thermofax screen, and have two more to tape up. (Gorilla tape is awesome.)
That’s it for tonight. I do have a large sketchpad page of ideas for the final project that I hope will be achievable. Looks like the beginning of a series to me.

2 thoughts on “Day three – final project looms”

  1. We are waiting anxiously for more photos and commentary from the class.
    I really enjoyed the photos and saw several friends in them.

  2. Lisa

    great report. My friend Carol and Georgeann are there with you. We met last April on the Colour Mixing for Dyers class, and several girls were there last week doing another class with Carol Soderlund. I love the photo showing all the various pieces of work – AWESOME!!!


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