Day three at class

Well, I got nothing into the dye today, but did prepare some work. Spoke to Elin about a piece of fabric I brought with me that is good, but not great. I”m not sure it’s finished, but I don’t know what else I’d do with it, or if it needs more. She asked me: “What is the fabric for? Why make it?” My first reaction was ‘uhhhh,’ followed by ‘for it’s own sake.’ Not a question I’ve considered before – I”m not terribly comtemplative by nature. We spoke some more, and I have it on the wall and will consider it more this weekend and get input from the other studends.
Here are some pictures of the goings-on and some other folks work.i Again I have added captions that appear when you hover the cursor.
Pole wrapping demo
Sample of capping from JapanDetail of capping sampleCapping demonstrationSnow-dye piece after applying tape and flourMary Ellen's resist workElin's resist samplesPatricia's capped fabricP3240097
Here’s what I worked on last night. It’s three strips of a rather bland snow-dyed sateen. I braided them and put them first in a vat of hot green, then in a vat of violet. I got it rinsed, soaped and ironed. Then last night I clamped it as shown and braided it again.

Here the braiding is almost done. As instructed by Elin, I kept clamping it closer to the grab bar. Now it’s ready to go into another bath, probably blue.
Today I got the remaining length of it braided, this time in a 7-strand braid. Took a good portion of the day, in between watching demonstrations. A good day all around; now for a shower and some ironing, folding and clamping.

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