Countdown to spring shows

Today is seven days before we hit the road for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA. (We’re leaving a day early to take a day’s vacation in the Williamsburg / Hampton area.) I’ve posted pictures over on Instagram of a couple fabrics I ironed yesterday. I thought I had everything ironed – 43 pieces ranging from 1 yard to maybe 6 yards – most are 4 yards. Then I remembered I had 5 pieces of vat-dyed Radiance

Vat-dyed Radiance before soaping off

that had to be processed. I ran one through the pressure cooker to activate the dye, then all of them got ‘soaped off.’ That’s when they go into a very large cookpot with 180 degree F water and Ivory bar soap, plus, around here, water softener. They’re soaking in some vinegar & water right now to neutralize any remaining alkali.
I have a few quarts of dye that I haven’t used, so maybe I will be dyeing and washing out more fabric. I will be vending at the SAQA conference in Philadelphia on March 31, so if I can’t get the dye used now, I can do it when I get home later.

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