Coming to Columbus

All the supplies are loaded in the truck waiting to be delivered to the barn late this afternoon. I’m glad to be driving a truck; here’s a picture of what it’s carrying:

These include tubs of fabric and tools, quart mason jars with lids, 5 gallon buckets, and paint roller, iron, ‘Big Board’, sewing machine, desk lamp, floor lamp (not shown), camera & accessories, power strips, rotary cutter, rulers and mat and note-taking materials and sketchbooks. This all was loaded on Saturday morning; arrived at the hotel about 6:30.

The hotel (Best Western) is nice – it has all executive suites, so there’s a kitchenette and sitting room. Breakfast is OK – 4 or 5 hot choices plus the usual suspects.

Nearby is Pickerington Ponds Wildlife Refuge. Great place to walk and birdwatch. Among other things, they have a viewing deck with a spotting scope trained on an Osprey nest. I saw a chick in the nest, and was lucky enough to see a parent swoop in for a landing. This is a decent view of the nesting stand – you had to use binoculars or the spotting scope to get a good look.

I also found an oriole nest from last year on the ground, and got to see a yellow warbler. This is stuff I like – tonight we get together at Nancy Crow’s. More then.

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