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A Vision Board

I’ve never made a vision board before. Finding pictures to show what I want and need to focus on, then cut and pasting them was just too much work. I finally decided to check out a YouTube video and ‘got permission’ to make a digital one. The video was also helpful with ideas of what I should include.
Below is my Spring 2020 board: it’s to help me remember my upcoming events and jobs. I have it set as my desktop wallpaper, too, so I see it several times per day.
Spiraling clockwise from the upper left corner:

  • Art Quilt Elements & Artist’s Open House: a lot of friends and clients have work included in the upcoming show in Malvern. I’m planning an open studio on the weekend of the opening reception at the end of March.
  • MAQGnet meeting – a get together for guilds to meet speakers.
  • Lebanon Quilters Guild speaking and workshop, where I will be teaching Dye Boot Camp, with a side of Stitched Resists.
  • Bolts of fabric in a good-looking rack. As I dye bigger pieces of fabric, I’m moving from the fabric racks to bolts. I’m planning on going to Atlanta for QuiltCon 2021, so I need to be prepared!
  • Value and saturation scale. Nancy Crow’s students need their flat and glowing colors. Workshops at the Barn start on May 10, and I will be dyeing a lot of flat colors between now and then.
  • A glowing array of Kona colors, borrowed from the web!
  • A really cool downspout on a classic wooden hall at the York Fairgrounds. Heading there in April for non-quilt-related doings.
  • A view of the show floor at Spring Market, coming to Pittsburgh, PA this spring. I’m sending in my registration when I get home from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.
  • A visit with a friend and speaking to the Berry Basket Quilt guild in New Jersey.
  • In the center is my wringer washer, which is what I use to dye lots of flat and glowing solid colors!

That’s it for now – it’s time to go set up my booth. I’ll come back and add some links to the events above when that job is done. Thanks for reading!

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The Wonder of One-Touch White Balance

In an effort to provide the best images of my fabric online, I finally learned how to set the white balance feature on my camera correctly. The photographs of solids and my virtual swatch book require the best color rendering possible. Turns out the camera has a super-quick way to set it up. While it does require four clicks to get there, once the menu item is open, it really only needs one click to set it. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are two versions of the same picture:

Two versions of a photograph of Kona(r) grey fabrics, one with, one without white balance
Top: Kona® grey fabrics without correction
Bottom: Kona® grey fabrics with white balance corrected

If you have any of those Kona® fabrics on hand, you can judge which picture shows them more accurately. If you don’t, you can believe me when I say that the corrected version is far better than the uncorrected one.

You can also see this picture along with 430 pictures of DippyDyes solid fabrics in the Virtual Solids Swatch Book found here!

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We’re working on a new site!

Friday, 3/30/18:

My how the time has flown. This post started three weeks ago when I first installed WordPress. I’m still in the midst of working on the new website, and transferring all my old blog posts over here. Meanwhile, I’ve wiped all my inventory out (again) over on, so, to save money, I’m updating all the quantities myself. Then there are pesky things like matching product pictures to product listings on the new site, and adding measurements and weights, etc, etc. You can still shop here!

Hundreds of yards of PFD fabrics
Hundreds of yards of PFD fabrics

The short-term goal is to make the new blog live as quickly as possible, and keep plugging on the grubby details of e-commerce. Next, to add some eye candy! And the deadline for all of this is 4/23 (maybe later), when posts begin on Cheryl Sleboda’s blog hop studio cleaning challenge! Since I’ve spent so many days with my nose plastered to the screen, today is a great day to move as much as I can!

The picture at right relates to the great studio and storeroom cleanup – more on that tomorrow!!!!


You probably won’t ever see this, but if you want to order fabric, go to


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All’s well, and a link

Hi folks – a friend posted a nice quote on Facebook about stress. Gave me a reason to ‘pull up the big girl panties.’ You can see it at: The skirts have been re-dyed – took about an hour, and I’ll be able to iron them while I watch the ball game tonight. (See the picture below.) So all the angst in my last post is pretty well gone. Although there may be wine, not whine, with dinner tonight!
OK! Now the big news!!! Another idea we tossed around on the trip home from the West Virginia Quilt Festival (see this post: was Kickstarter. I was toying with the idea of using it to fund another class with Carol Soderlund. Then I thought more about it and decided that my money might be better spent building the business. I’ve been thinking about the idea of coaching for a while. So here’s a link to my campaign: or
There’s a lot more information there, plus a dorky video of moi. What I hope many of you find exciting is that among the rewards is a day or days in the studio with me. So please take a look, pledge if you can, and share this and post it and tweet it and help me get the word out.
A million thanks! – Lisa

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Can I whine? If you don’t want to hear it – close this window!

Ever have one of those days?
I have two out of three dye custom jobs coming back because they aren’t right. So they will get redone. DH might not understand.
My computer decided to have a hissy fit and took an hour to boot.
Windows (are you surprised?) backup didn’t work – another wasted half hour.
Took the trash to the curb and found that the #%&^%@ groundhog has returned.
Sorting years of non-filed paperwork has pushed my stress level to the red zone.
I was going to post a picture of a steam explosion and that’s beyond me today.
Got a call from the Realtor who hasn’t been able to sell the mill in the past 3 years.
OK, I will calm down. I know none of this is really important or even that bad, But “golly” some days . . . to see how I really feel!
Thanks for looking – whine over!

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My Fast Friday Quilt

Hi all – I just posted a quilt to the Fast Friday Challenge blog. The challenge this month was to use purple, and the requirements were:
Technique:  use the colour wheel to create a specific colour arrangement ,(i.e.complementary. analogous, split complement etc.) one  that must include the colour purple.  Tell us a bit of how you decided which colours to use, and how the symbolism associated with the colour purple influenced your choice.
Here’s a link: or go to and scroll down to find the Challenge 93 label in the right panel. Here’s a detail:

Thanks for looking!
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Learning Photography Again

OK, I admit it, my photographing has gotten lazy. Set the dial on “Auto” and point and click. Then hit the ‘auto correct’ feature in PhotoShop Elements and I’m done. That all has to change! I need better pictures on my website and have to be sure the colors are good, too. To that end, I attended a lecture at my local chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen on photographing for a jury. And I learned that there’s a whole category called “product photography,” and found a YouTube video on the topic. I had also signed up for a Craftsy class on exactly that subject before the meeting, and watched a free lecture there from QuiltCon. So I am all primed and ready for pictures.

OK, enough words, here are three pictures of buttons.** Both are straight out of the camera with no editing or correcting of any kind. The first is typical of most of my pictures, though I usually crop out the camera shadow. That was taken under the studio halogens.

For the second picture, I moved the buttons to my storeroom and staged them on a tee shirt that’s awaiting dye. I installed some hideously bright ‘Daylight’ CFL bulbs in the ceiling fixture this week. Annoying for lots of things, but very good color for photographs. On my monitor, the color is better, but still not right.

The third picture is one that I have tried to improve the color on. The color of the blue button is better, but the other two, and the white background have too much of a yellow cast. Does it still have a way to go? Absolutely. Is it better than the first picture? Yes! Do I still have more of the Craftsy class to work through? You betcha!

**About the buttons: these are the Swirly GirlsMonogram buttons from Dill. They sent me some in white that I’ve dyed. The blue button was ‘immersion’ dyed in 1/4 teaspoon of disperse dye stock in a canning jar in the autoclave. The green one was painted with slightly thickened dye, put into a canning jar as is and processed at the same time as the blue button. The grey-green one was painted with the same dye as the green button. The first difference is that I cleaned the button before painting; the second difference is that it had not been processed yet! That’s how the green color starts out. The next thing I have to try is a heat transfer press onto a button. Watch this space!

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Hampton show was a success, (sort of)

Hi all, and greetings to the new friends who visited my booth at Hampton, VA. Did some number crunching – the booth, one dinner out, and hotel rooms are covered, but still spending money for the privilage of dyeing cloth. Here’s a chart of how the sales broke down, which the accounting side of my brain appreciates:
Snow dyes account for 31% of my total sales, so I’m headed downstairs to do more before the snow is gone. But yardage amounted only to about half my total sales, so variety is a good thing, as well as requiring less washing out.
And I’ve posted a photo of the booth – it doesn’t change much, so this will give you an idea of what to look for.
Don’t forget to say hi to my long-suffering DH. He’s the best.