Who needs the gym?! Snowzilla day +4

The third and probably final round of snow-dyes went into the washing machine this morning. This group was all double snow-dyed, and only 9 pieces, 6-7 of which were 4 yards long. Then it was time to clean the floor. I use an old garden sprinkler can that holds three gallons or so. The screens […]

Plan for Snowzilla +1 day

In no particular order: Turn up the water heater to 140 for the final washout of yesterday’s snow-dyes and the upcoming ones. First cool washes of snow dyes – yesterday was about 60 yards Squeegee the floor of water & dye runoff Bring in more snow to dye the next 40 yards rinse yesterday’s dye […]

Can you mail an elephant?

That was the subject line of an email I sent when I needed to get this quilt back. It’s part of “Celebrate the Day with Quilts – An Art Quilt Challenge” by Shannon Shirley. My quilt is one of 72 in the book – six quilts per month celebrating some of the well- and lesser-known […]

A benefit from the Halloween snow

We got enough snow on the weekend of Halloween to enable me to make more snow-dyes. I used (Pro Chem names) Intense, Mixing and Navy blues, Mixing Red, Cerise (from Aljo), Strong Orange, Golden Yellow and Lemon Yellow. Without further ado, here are more pictures:

New SnowDyed fabrics

The recent talk on MXDyers made me pull out the screens again. Not everything is washed yet, and some of these fabrics were dyed in July and never photographed.  We had great weather for it on Friday – the highs barely reached 60, so the ice didn’t melt as fast as it did in July. […]

Thanks again to Karen

I have posted a PDF of my snow dyeing article that was inspired by Karen at Bunk’s Blog. Thank you for sharing this cool technique, Karen – my customers and friends (and I) enjoy the results very much. Here’s a link to her post which got a lot of us started: http://bunks.wordpress.com/2009/01/14/snow-dyeing-and-grannyland/. Now, when I […]

The look of Dimples

Had a request from JaJa on the DyersList to see what Andover’s Dimples, white on white, looks like when hand-dyed. These fabrics are all sold, and I’m glad I took pictures. Now to make more! The difference between the printed and unprinted sides is striking – much more pastel where the printing ink resists the […]


Wooo-hooo! The magazine article about snow dyeing has come out – there’s a view of the cover at right. And you can buy it here, or at your local independent quilt retailer. Of course, now that we’ve spent several days working on getting the kitchen ready to paint, we still have to post all the […]

Snow Dyeing!

Well, there has been a fair bit of buzz on the DyersList about snow dyeing, and after seeing the great tutorial on Bunk’s Blog I had to try it! So here are the pictures of the process and finished products. If you look closely you see a timer in the rear corner showing the elapsed […]

For my sister

Hi Sister Sister (think little Ronnie Howard)– here are the pictures I promised months ago! The main blue fabric is on the right side. Each piece is cut off at the top a little. Thanks!