More from the Barn and since then, part 4

OK, my worktable was a disaster. I needed to sew a bit on the tent, so I had to clean everything off. The tent project ended up to be a life lesson – don’t try to sew through adhesive Velcro! Once I got the gummy balls out of the machine it worked fine again, and […]

More from the Barn and since then, part 3

This is a value sample made simply with drops of dye mixed with gradually increasing amounts of water. Click on the image to see a larger version.   The second photo shows some DSP prints that I made while in class. When home, I pulled out my plastic faux wood grain tool and spread thickened […]

More from the Barn and since then, part 2

When I got home, after unloading everything out of the van that we’d taken for the show, camping and class, I had a series of black to pales grey fabrics to dye for a customer. This is the result. After that, the next project was processing the color samples from class. This first picture is […]

More from the Barn and since then, part 1

Here are some pictures of the work that came out of my week with Carol Soderlund at the Nancy Crow Barn, and what I’ve been working on since. This fabric happens to be a ‘dye rag’ that I used when working in class. I like this picture because it shows the difference that happens when […]

More from the barn

On Wednesday Carol showed us monoprints from two different surfaces. thickened dye spread on heavy (violet) plastic    Here’s the resulting print. Then she spread dye onto the hard plastic-topped table – a large surface for a bigger piece of fabric. Spreading the thickened dye  Scratches in the surface make their own […]