Plan for Snowzilla +1 day

In no particular order: Turn up the water heater to 140 for the final washout of yesterday’s snow-dyes and the upcoming ones. First cool washes of snow dyes – yesterday was about 60 yards Squeegee the floor of water & dye runoff Bring in more snow to dye the next 40 yards rinse yesterday’s dye […]

3-2-1 Blastoff newsletter readers

[Skip to the last paragraph to read the most important bits.]Yesterday, in addition to my last post here on the blog, I also got a newsletter out. This morning I checked the report from MailChimp on my phone. I’m incredibly bad about checking the “metrics” and today I just happened to click on the ‘opened’ […]

Blastoff into the New Year!

My latest newsletter is all set to go to your inbox this evening. Things have gotten so busy, that the blog is languishing (again) and I haven’t sent a newsletter in three months. So, after taking the Organize Your Art Business class from Alyson Stanfield over the past six weeks, I’m acting on all the […]

All’s well, and a link

Hi folks – a friend posted a nice quote on Facebook about stress. Gave me a reason to ‘pull up the big girl panties.’ You can see it at: The skirts have been re-dyed – took about an hour, and I’ll be able to iron them while I watch the ball game tonight. (See the picture […]

Can I whine? If you don’t want to hear it – close this window!

Ever have one of those days?I have two out of three dye custom jobs coming back because they aren’t right. So they will get redone. DH might not understand.My computer decided to have a hissy fit and took an hour to boot.Windows (are you surprised?) backup didn’t work – another wasted half hour.Took the trash […]

Learning Photography Again

OK, I admit it, my photographing has gotten lazy. Set the dial on “Auto” and point and click. Then hit the ‘auto correct’ feature in PhotoShop Elements and I’m done. That all has to change! I need better pictures on my website and have to be sure the colors are good, too. To that end, […]

Hampton show was a success, (sort of)

Hi all, and greetings to the new friends who visited my booth at Hampton, VA. Did some number crunching – the booth, one dinner out, and hotel rooms are covered, but still spending money for the privilage of dyeing cloth. Here’s a chart of how the sales broke down, which the accounting side of my […]

The advertisement is up! Edited 12/7/2020 – here’s a link to where the 7-minute video now lives on YouTube. And since I have a date calculator feature, it was only 4156 days ago when this was first posted. 🙂🙂🙂 Yikes! the long-awaited day is here. The video ad on-line at for DippyDyes is up and running. […]