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Taking the plunge!

Well, I gave myself a deadline, and by jingo, I’m going to hit it. The new blog and website go live today, even if they are less than perfect. Want an idea of how I feel about that?

And if you want to learn more about all things DippyDyes, join our mailing list! Just click the button below, because I can’t figure out how to put it here! Like I said, not perfect!

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Doesn’t everyone use three timers at once?

At DippyDyes, we dye a lot of solid fabric. The easiest way to do this is with a washing machine. For three-yard pieces, a table top washer is ideal. The washer does the stirring for you, because if you want solid fabrics, you must stir. A lot. And then stir some more. Up to 90 minutes for the darkest values.

From left: phone timer, washer base with timer, kitchen timer.

Here’s where three timers comes in. There’s a timer built into the washer. That runs, stirring the fabric for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes of being still, it needs to run for another five minutes. So when I start the five minutes on, five minutes off period, I set the washer at five, the kitchen timer at ten minutes and I set my phone timer for 30 minutes. The ten-minute timer reminds me to jump up and restart the washer for another five minutes. The washer does a good job of stirring AND of snarling a three yard piece into a mess, and it just doesn’t have hands. So at the 30 minute mark, it’s time to completely rearrange the fabric.
Yes, there’s a little compulsiveness going on here, and thanks to that, I get good solid fabrics. If you’d like to learn more, you can sign up for my email list here: (  Thanks!
Gotta run – my timer just beeped at me!

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Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop

Oh, my. Where to start! This 12th century quote is attributed to St. Bernard: “Hell is full of good intentions or desires.” (That’s a hint.) Cheryl Sleboda annually holds a blog hop focused on cleaning our studios. When she announced it, I thought the timing couldn’t be better. I had just acquired this:

That is a full set-up for painting silk, including a whole array of Tinfix dyes. The big beast on the right is as steamer, and I’ve already steamed cotton painted with MX in it – it works great! It will live either in the garage or the basement, because I need to use it outside, not in the studio.  And, yes, even I need a step-ladder to use it!
My first step was to make sure all the studio stuff was up on the third floor where it needs to live. The before pictures of the storeroom show the existing mess with new goodies added.

Well, it does look a little better in the after picture. The UFO pile at the top behind the door has actually been added to, but for me that’s organized.
Here are the views from the door into the storeroom.

Still an improvement. But the dirty secret is that the adjoining room looks no better. That’s where half the junk got relocated. And that’s just the two nice corners of the room.
The actual studio space is in about the same condition. So, to make a tedious story shorter, I moved the needle some, but the tank ain’t full!
The up side of all this is that I’ve learned a lot of things I shouldn’t do! When you have every weekend in a month already booked; when your income taxes still aren’t done; when the total rework of the website is barely begun, do not, I repeat DO NOT commit to any more time-consuming projects! Look for future posts on studio cleaning, because I am not going to allow myself to play with the silk-painting goodies until taxes, website and studio cleaning are done.

Here is the awesome list of all the rest of the participants! There’s a lot of great inspiration to see, with more to come!

April 23 – Lori Crawley Kennedy – 
April 24 – Jennifer Thomas –
April 25 – Robin Koehler –
April 26 – Andi Barney-
April 27 – Misty Cole –
April 28 – Carolina Moore-
April 29 – Heather Pregger –
April 30 – Linda Bratten –
May 1 – Lisa Reber –
May 2 – Teresa Coates –
May 3 – Lisa Chin –
May 4 – Jamie Fingal –
May 5 – Sam Hunter –
May 6 – Jessee Maloney –
May 7 – Randa Parrish –
May 8 – Sarah Vedeler-
May 9 – Jessica Darling –
May 10 – Melody Crust –
May 11 – Debby Brown –
May 12 – Cheryl Sleboda –

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We’re working on a new site!

Friday, 3/30/18:

My how the time has flown. This post started three weeks ago when I first installed WordPress. I’m still in the midst of working on the new website, and transferring all my old blog posts over here. Meanwhile, I’ve wiped all my inventory out (again) over on, so, to save money, I’m updating all the quantities myself. Then there are pesky things like matching product pictures to product listings on the new site, and adding measurements and weights, etc, etc. You can still shop here!

Hundreds of yards of PFD fabrics
Hundreds of yards of PFD fabrics

The short-term goal is to make the new blog live as quickly as possible, and keep plugging on the grubby details of e-commerce. Next, to add some eye candy! And the deadline for all of this is 4/23 (maybe later), when posts begin on Cheryl Sleboda’s blog hop studio cleaning challenge! Since I’ve spent so many days with my nose plastered to the screen, today is a great day to move as much as I can!

The picture at right relates to the great studio and storeroom cleanup – more on that tomorrow!!!!


You probably won’t ever see this, but if you want to order fabric, go to


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Small business Saturday: some numbers, and eye candy

DippyDyes isn’t the only merchant that has been filling your inbox with holiday shopping emails. Yes we have a sale too, and nobody else is apologizing for all the emails. Why do I feel like I need to apologize?

But anyway, this was to be about numbers. Today is the fourth day of the sale and it continues until Friday the second. Total emails sent: 1322. Total unsubscribes: 9. Total orders: 2. Gross profit: $85.16. So now you know why micro-businesses flood your inbox!
Now, borderline whine and gratuitous accounting stats over, here are some recent additions to the website. Click on any of the pictures to be taken to that fabric on the website. (Go ahead – you know you want it!)

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1000 Yards of Fabric Looks Like This:

Hundreds of yards of PFD fabrics

The FedEx Ground guy stopped by the house today and delivered my winter’s work. It’s 500 yards each of Pimatex and Kona in PFD bleach white. For comparison, if this was on 15-yard bolts, there’d be 67 of them.
The next step – moving them to the storeroom on the third floor. And if you wonder – the three boxes these came in weighed 341 pounds all together. Who needs a gym membership?!
PS – praying for snow next!

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Who needs the gym?! Snowzilla day +4

The third and probably final round of snow-dyes went into the washing machine this morning. This group was all double snow-dyed, and only 9 pieces, 6-7 of which were 4 yards long. Then it was time to clean the floor. I use an old garden sprinkler can that holds three gallons or so. The screens get rinsed along with the floor under them, then it’s squeegee time. More sprinkling, more squeegee, then the mop. That big string mop is a seriously good core muscle workout, with shoulders and triceps thrown in for good measure. Moving the sprinkle can and the occasional 5-gallon bucket of water helps keep up my strength too!
On my last post I mentioned that I turn the water heater up to get 140 degree washout temperatures. Well, the furnace guy is coming tomorrow to put in a new aquastat. The current one can’t answer “how high is up?” Right now it’s set at 90 and the pure hot tap water measures 124. When it gets too hot the pressure relief valve does its job – maybe a little too well! The picture below shows the cloud of steam in the cellar when that happens. So I didn’t need the sprinkler can after all. The floor got a good, really hot wash.
Now, for your free moment of dye education: to wash out Procion MX type dyes, you really need water at 140 F / 60 C plus detergent. The very hot water breaks any partially bonded dye; the MX dyes are called fiber reactive because the dye molecules bond to the cellulose molecules.
That brings me to the free gift for signing up for my newsletter: instructions on washing out fabric dyed with MX. You can click the link in the upper right corner of this blog, or click here to sign up. I’ll send you that PDF – and right now a real human still sends it, not a machine. Thanks!

P.S. I hope to post photos of some of the snow-dyes, but they must be washed and ironed first.
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Plan for Snowzilla +1 day

In no particular order:

  • Turn up the water heater to 140 for the final washout of yesterday’s snow-dyes and the upcoming ones.
  • First cool washes of snow dyes – yesterday was about 60 yards
  • Squeegee the floor of water & dye runoff
  • Bring in more snow to dye the next 40 yards
  • rinse yesterday’s dye off screens
  • dig my way to the basement door again so I can bring snow inside (see picture below)
  • soda-soak more fabric to dye tomorrow

Take a breath

  • Get to the detached garage, ideally without leaving any footprints in the snow
  • Fire up the snowblower
  • Get enough of the paved surfaces cleaned off to function fairly normally
  • sweep off the front porch
  • sweep off the second-floor porch, or else expect drips in the temporary (i.e. white trash) kitchen on the first floor porch
  • teach hubby how the broiler works because he’s cooking dinner!
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3-2-1 Blastoff newsletter readers

[Skip to the last paragraph to read the most important bits.]
Yesterday, in addition to my last post here on the blog, I also got a newsletter out. This morning I checked the report from MailChimp on my phone. I’m incredibly bad about checking the “metrics” and today I just happened to click on the ‘opened’ link and scrolled through the 165 people who had opened it as of 8:30 AM. (Now 11 hours later and it’s up to 198, or 41%, with 23 clicks.)
There was one unsubscribe, and that’s OK. The reason was a sad one – that person, who has opened every single newsletter I’ve ever sent – now has an illness that prevents her from using a computer. My heart goes out to her and the caregiver who wrote an explanation when she unsubscribed.
The rest of the list of names was a real trip down memory lane. Some people were family – I’m grateful they look even though dyeing and quilting isn’t their thing. I saw names of a couple of my dye teachers and many fellow students, my students, customers and custom-work clients. There were people I met when I worked in the local quilt shop, and many people I’ve met at shows over the years. And below is the current geographic data of where people were when they opened the newsletter. Anyway, I expect this is really kind of dull to most readers. But . . .
The Last Paragraph – what I’m trying to get at with this post is how truly grateful I am to everyone who takes the time to read the newsletter, and who has touched my life and has let me into theirs as well. Thank you, so very much.

Top locations by opens

  • USA
    288 94.1%
  • Canada
    7 2.3%
  • Australia
    6 2.0%
  • United Kingdom
    4 1.3%
  • Israel
    1 0.3%
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Blastoff into the New Year!

My latest newsletter is all set to go to your inbox this evening. Things have gotten so busy, that the blog is languishing (again) and I haven’t sent a newsletter in three months. So, after taking the Organize Your Art Business class from Alyson Stanfield over the past six weeks, I’m acting on all the tasks and resolutions the class and the season of the year have generated.
On the home front, we made a visit to Florida in August to help my sister-in-law try to get her mom’s home cleaner and safer for her. Mom is now 95 1/2, and spent several weeks recently in the hospital and rehab. She fell and didn’t break anything, but has finally realized she can’t be living solo. She came home a week ago. We’ve thankfully been home in Pennsylvania over that time-frame, but have been doing as much to help my sister-in-law as we can do long distance.

In much happier home news, hubby and I have put a lot of hours into our kitchen remodel. This has been going on for years, and the end is in sight! The awesomely talented Lawrence built all the cabinets from scratch. (I helped some, mostly as the human out-feed guide, plus with painting.) The doors started life as the shutters from the first-floor windows. The two doors with glass on either side of the window came from an architectural salvage house. And the island was a treadle-powered table saw! It came home with us from an auction maybe 25 years ago. It didn’t have an actual use at that time; we’re so glad we hung on to it! If you see Lawrence at the quilt show, tell him you saw this picture!

Painterly class samples – NJ class

Now he’s stuck working at it solo, as I work on the Organizing class and resulting projects. Among those projects is preparing for the upcoming shows in Virginia and New Jersey – I’m teaching on the Saturday of both weeks. Other recent work has included more custom dyeing of solid fabrics. The fact that I was late delivering one of those was the straw that broke the got-to-get-organized camel’s back.
The rest of this month will be spent making more samples for the new class I’m teaching at the Quilt & Sewing Festival of New Jersey:  Painterly Effects with Various Thicknesses of MX dyes, plus, of course making more inventory!
More teaching news, and I don’t believe I never posted about it here on the blog! I will be teaching a five-day introduction to MX dyes in July at Pro Chemical & Dye in Fall River, Massachusetts!!!!!! Thanks so much to Vicki Jensen at Pro Chem for selecting me as an emerging teacher. Now the following is not meant to be hiding my light under a bushel, but it seems likely that the class won’t fill up completely. That means those who attend have a good shot at getting a worktable all to themselves! The class is called ‘Super-Sized Super MX Sampler’ and will include the basics, an intro to different manipulations plus a section just on pipe-wrapping. Then we’ll experiment with thickened dyes and with discharge work. My goal is to let you try the Smörgåsbord before you decide on a week specializing in just one technique, er, cuisine.

Discharge samples on Kona bundle

Before I close, the date has been set for my portion of the Quilted Adventure Virtual Retreat. Fearless Dyeing for Beginners begins on Monday, March 21. Before that are two more classes, and there are 12 total classes plus a 12-step block of the month!
Well, that needs to be enough for now. Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll see more here soon – I just have to stick with the resolutions!