A work in progress

Just browsing through my drafts, and found that I wrote this and never posted it in October of 2011. It’s still not quilted – maybe it will take less than four-and-a-half years to achieve that!First, here’s the photo that inspired me. I’m not sure it’s the best example of negative space, but I was inspired. […]

Mixed news, mostly good

Well, where to start? The big news – the Kickstarter campaign was a success, and my first coaching call happens next Tuesday! I’ve been shaking things up around here in preparation – it’s time to get One thing I realized in writing this post is that I share different information on different sites. One thing […]

My Fast Friday Quilt

Hi all – I just posted a quilt to the Fast Friday Challenge blog. The challenge this month was to use purple, and the requirements were:Technique:  use the colour wheel to create a specific colour arrangement ,(i.e.complementary. analogous, split complement etc.) one  that must include the colour purple.  Tell us a bit of how you […]

From spoiled to productive

OK, my sister spoils me at Christmas every year, and I’m so thankful. Last year she gave me a check to use towards the dye painting class I took at Pro Chem. This year I am going to skip going to a class and start saving for 2015, and my sister got me a load […]

Thinking about Intent

This is probably my first completed art quilt. It was made for a guild challenge in 2002, and won a prize for best original design, I think. The challenge, as you may guess, was to work with the Shoo-Fly pattern. I had also learned a little by that point about transparency and wanted to try […]

A show catalog in the mail

I went to the PO box today, hoping to pick up a check. That wasn’t there, but I got something even better – a catalog for a solo show by Kate Stiassni at The White Gallery. (She has pictures of most of the quilts on her Portfolio page.) When I dye solid fabrics, it almost […]


How do you work? Do you spend time planning and thinking about your art, or do you just dive in? Do you make samples or studies for larger pieces, or plot it out ahead?Since I have two months before the next quilt is due, I’d like to invest some time in the process. By nature […]

Two destinations in New Jersey

Found this link on the Surface Design website: Textility, at the Visual Arts Center of NJ – that page has a slideshow.  It’s located about 20 miles from the Quilt Fest of NJ. Both will be open March 1 – 4, so plan on going!

Deadlines are past

Well, I did my usual last-minute work last week, and got work submitted before the deadline – barely. One was a submission of photos of my quilts for inclusion in Mary Kerr’s upcoming book about art quilts. Of course, I didn’t pay for professional photography, and when I realized I hadn’t taken sufficiently high resolution […]