Catching Up part 1

Hi – have been cleaning up in the studio after all the last minute work for the shows in September and October. Since then I have dyed a bunch of Radiance fabric in deeply saturated colors, spray-adhered them to black Radiance and cut many triangle pairs out on the shop AccuQuilt machine. They are now sewn together into a top that is going to Barbara Persing for quilting next week, and then will be entered in the Lancaster 2010 show where I will be a vendor again. Not posting a picture until after that time. Still have to locate the rest of the black so I can make binding. At right is a picture of the small pieces while in process.

Another item that made me laugh and may make you snicker too is the following tag that I, the consumer, removed from a carpet purchased for the floor of the show booth. I couldn’t make this up! (Check out the content notice on the last line.)

OK, time to make some supper and start putting the dratted paperwork away so there will be room for work again in the studio. Next post will have to include the light box God sent me. Not my words, but doubtless true. Saw part of it going into a dumpster, so I went diving! – Later, all.

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