Auditioning Paintstiks

Well, I have been giving some thought to the ‘keeper’ fabric and came up with a decent way to audition Shiva Paintstiks. This illustration shows about the third iteration, and the first I like. The paint for now is temporary – I applied it to Glad Press ‘n Seal™ cling wrap – you can see it best around the top fan. Once the paint has dried thoroughly, I can remove and reposition it all I need. I like how the curvilinear shape of the fans echoes the bound spider webs. Hope you do too. I did test out some intense green, but that might be best in very small bead-sized doses. Thanks for looking!Lavender Discharge fabric with paintstick auditioning

2 thoughts on “Auditioning Paintstiks”

  1. The fans looks great! You actually painted on the press and seal , let it dry then you can pull it off? How does it stay on the fabric? What an awesome technique.

  2. Thanks, Thelma. Right now it's just temporary. It give me the chance to see how it looks, and I can pitch it if it's awful. Once I find something I like, then it's time to put the paintstiks directly on the fabric.

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