Are these pretty stamps?

Today I needed new postage stamps, so I asked the clerk for pretty ones. She showed me some frankly girly ones. I had seen the Emilio Sanchez ones so I asked for those. She said “oh, you asked for pretty ones.”

Then when I  brought them home, hubby said “ew”, or words to that effect. Well, I like them, and they remind me of my clients’ quilts.

Picture of Los Toldos found here: http://oldprintshop.com/product/46222 The stamps and information are available here: https://store.usps.com/store/product/buy-stamps/emilio-sanchez-S_480604#moreinfofooter

2 thoughts on “Are these pretty stamps?”

  1. Kathleen Davies

    Is this part of an “ART” series? I bought a sheet of Kelly images, which seem somewhat like the ones you bought. I usually ask for “interesting” stamps, although I do like flowers. Kathleen

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