A Vision Board

I’ve never made a vision board before. Finding pictures to show what I want and need to focus on, then cut and pasting them was just too much work. I finally decided to check out a YouTube video and ‘got permission’ to make a digital one. The video was also helpful with ideas of what I should include.
Below is my Spring 2020 board: it’s to help me remember my upcoming events and jobs. I have it set as my desktop wallpaper, too, so I see it several times per day.
Spiraling clockwise from the upper left corner:

  • Art Quilt Elements & Artist’s Open House: a lot of friends and clients have work included in the upcoming show in Malvern. I’m planning an open studio on the weekend of the opening reception at the end of March.
  • MAQGnet meeting – a get together for guilds to meet speakers.
  • Lebanon Quilters Guild speaking and workshop, where I will be teaching Dye Boot Camp, with a side of Stitched Resists.
  • Bolts of fabric in a good-looking rack. As I dye bigger pieces of fabric, I’m moving from the fabric racks to bolts. I’m planning on going to Atlanta for QuiltCon 2021, so I need to be prepared!
  • Value and saturation scale. Nancy Crow’s students need their flat and glowing colors. Workshops at the Barn start on May 10, and I will be dyeing a lot of flat colors between now and then.
  • A glowing array of Kona colors, borrowed from the web!
  • A really cool downspout on a classic wooden hall at the York Fairgrounds. Heading there in April for non-quilt-related doings.
  • A view of the show floor at Spring Market, coming to Pittsburgh, PA this spring. I’m sending in my registration when I get home from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.
  • A visit with a friend and speaking to the Berry Basket Quilt guild in New Jersey.
  • In the center is my wringer washer, which is what I use to dye lots of flat and glowing solid colors!

That’s it for now – it’s time to go set up my booth. I’ll come back and add some links to the events above when that job is done. Thanks for reading!

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