A second lovely day at the Crow Art Barn

10:30 PM
Another late evening, but well worth it. This will be brief, however, because I have homework to do before bed.
Today we saw some examples of bound, discharged and overdyed fabrics, and proceeded to make our own attempts. By the end of the day we had variously clamped and rubber-banded 18” – 21” squares of black fabrics, soaked them in bleach solution, rinsed and antichlored them. Then they went into the washing machine still clamped. When they came out, two of mine had come apart because I used some old elastic on a spool that didn’t hold up to the wash cycle. They were rebound, and then, after letting them dry a bit, we applied dye followed by soda ash. They are batching overnight, so more in tomorrow’s post.
I also tried discharging a black tee shirt from Michael’s. After a long time in the chlorine bath, it appeared to be just black and charcoal, and wasn’t worth overdyeing. So it went into the washer and dryer with the towels, and here’s how it looked after a good washing out. (Excuse the squint!)
We also discharged the fabric we had put potato dextrin on yesterday. There’s a good view of an assortment of pieces hanging on the line, and also a look down from the deck onto our work area.
We ended the evening with a PowerPoint presentation on what many top artists are doing or have done recently with discharge. Wow! When I don’t have homework to do, I will have to surf to their websites and post a list with links to their sites.
Goodnight for now!

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