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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The all-time #1 question has to be: What will happen when I wash it?

  2. Why does your hand-dyed fabric cost this much?

  3. What if I want another piece in the future?

  4. Why do you sell in 1/4 yard units?

  5. Do you cut everything into 1/4 yard pieces?

  6. What if you run out of the fabric I want?

  7. Why should I register and log in?

  8. Can I return the fabric if I don't like it?


  1. When you wash DippyDyes hand-dyedfabrics, they will get clean. OK, not to be a smart alec, but you should not have any more bleeding problems than with commercial fabric. We continue our education whenever possible, so our skills and practices have improved. We are human, and it's also possible we will miss something. And when the fabrics travel to shows, they get handled and moved in and out of the van a lot, so they do get dirty. Washing again is a great idea.

  2. Hand dyed fabric is a luxury, and we're serious about quality. Unlike an overseas mass-production facility, we dye one piece at a time. Then we wash them several times in very, very hot water. Finally, we have a mortgage and health insurance to worry about like everybody else. This is a business, not a hobby.

  3. Along with the continuing education comes greater reproducibility. Like all textiles, you should buy enough at the start of a project to see you through. If you save your receipt, we can tell you based on the inventory number if it is a piece that can be reproduced. (Older items probably can't be.) Of course, each piece is unique. Variables such as temperature, humidity, age of dye stock all have an impact on the finished cloth. The greatest variable comes from the amount of texture, which will always vary, unless the fabric is listed as a 'solid.'

  4. We sell in 1/4 yard units for two reasons: computers are not all that bright, and because we think we'll end up selling more fabric. Not everyone needs to commit to a full yard purchase of just one particular fabric, so why not have four different fabrics totalling a yard? Maybe, if you love them all like we do, you'll end up buying five or six or eight quarter-yard pieces.

  5. No, we're not cutting these fabrics more than necessary. If you order 1 1/2 yards, you'll get one piece of fabric approximately 54" x 44".

  6. If we run out of the fabric you want, which might happen after a show, before we update the website, we'll get in touch by e-mail.

  7. Registration is up to you. If you plan to order again, and we hope you will, you won't have to re-enter your mailing address. You will, however, have to enter your credit card information. We don't keep that information and don't want to!

  8. Returns of merchandise shouldn't be a problem, so long as there is no change in the product(s). Credit will be issued in the form of a gift card. Gift cards are not refundable, have no expiration date and do not lose value.